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NASA collaborated with Prada to design new spacesuits for NASA's upcoming moon mission

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The collaboration involves Prada working closely with Axiom space to design a new range of space suits.

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Prada's involvement in designing spacesuits aligns with NASA's efforts to improve technology and aesthetics for lunar exploration.

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The Artemis III mission planned for 2025, In a release, Axiom said Prada said they would bring expertise with materials and manufacturing to the project. 

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A spacesuit will be like a miniature spacecraft that provide pressure, oxygen and keeps  a reasonable temperature

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These new spacesuits are expected to offer improved mobility, protection, and functionality for astronauts during their missions

Image credit: NASA

This partnership could potentially influence the public perception of space exploration by blending space technology with fashion.

Image credit: NASA's X account

These suits are expected to give astronauts an increased range of motion and flexibility to explore more of the moon's landscape than on previous missions.

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"Prada's technical expertise with raw materials, manufacturing techniques will bring advanced technologies in comfort and much-needed human factors consideration on the lunar surface.

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